Bruce Edward Watson

Director of Interior Architecture

B.Arch(USYD); B.Sc(Arch), BFA COFA (UNSW)

Bruce Watson was appointed Direct of Interior Architecture in 2013. Bruce's background is Interior, Contemporary Art and Architecture. His approach to studio teaching is centred on "conceptual change-student focused learning". The processes associated with this type of teaching and learning function at a foundation level of design processes and principles. Student learning then becomes crafted around changing practices within the students hardwiring, thinking and approach rather than about simply applying knowledge - transformation rather than application.

Bruce began his design career designing and exhibiting intimate objects with relationships to the human body. Beyond that career and study of Contemporary Art Bruce studied and practiced Architecture. Bruce was the Design Director of his Sydney Design practice. His interests in the relationship between object design and the manner we inhabit and engage in the world of architecture and design developed into a love of Interior Architecture/Design.

Bruce was appointed to the position of lecturer at UNSW Australia in 2002 and has maintained his practice as a designer working in the fields of Interior Architecture/Design/Architecture. Bruce brings an industry related focus and a rigor of learning and teaching research to the design studio and lecture setting of UNSW.

Design thinking and making are paramount to Bruce's formation of Design Studio actives.


Sing D'Arcy

Senior Lecturer, Studio Leader 4th Year Graduation Project

PhD(USYD); B.Arch(USYD); B.Sc(Arch)(USYD)


Sing completed his undergraduate architectural studies at the University of Sydney, where he later returned to realise his doctoral studies in architectural history. In 2013 he was appointed as an Associated Investigator with the ARC Centre for Excellence for the History of Emotions: Europe 1100-1800, Performance Program. In 2009 he was visiting a scholar in the Art History Department at Universidad de Sevilla, Spain.

Sing also regularly contributes to industry journals such as Artichoke and Houses reviewing new interior design projects in Sydney ranging from hospitality through to residential. He has published on the history of Sydney interiors notably the emergence of the post-war restaurant interior and an upcoming publication on banking chambers.



Sing D'Arcy

4th Year Interior Architecture Co-ordinator, Interior Architecture Lecturer, Research Cluster Staff, Urban Typologies

Chee Lam

Director of Chee Lam Design

Cushla McFadden

Co-Founder and co-director of TomMarkHenry

John Gounios

Design Manager of Chada