Student Look - Amanda Ly

Student Look - Amanda Ly

Amanda Ly talks design philosophy, surprises in the BIA & what she is most excited with for her graduation project. 

Describe your proposal in 3 key words:
Calm, soft, healthy

What is your design philosophy?
I believe every space should evoke an emotion or provide an experience to its inhabitants. When designing, my work tends to gravitate towards a more modest approach. Therefore coupled together, I think the best designs are derived from a simple idea that has been translated from macro through to micro detailing.

What has surprised you about the BIA?
Entering the BIA, I was surprised with the immense support from staff and sense of community within us students. This course has pushed me to think critically, with inspiring staff always guiding us in the right direction. With the intense workload that others outside the BIA may not understand, my peers within the BIA have always been a great sense of comfort and support.

In hindsight, I am also surprised at how much this course has shaped my perception of the built environment. Four years ago I had no idea what a shadow gap was. Fast forward today, I sometimes catch myself walking up to walls and touching joinery finishes...

What are you most excited about with your graduation proposal?
With interest in wellness and healthcare design, I was most excited about creating a brief where I could incorporate what would give me a large sense of fulfillment and purpose. This being said, I am also excited for the final presentation- after investing almost a whole year into this project, I hope it clearly communicates my proposal of a wellness centre that encourages and increases the awareness of healthy, holistic living.

Interested in finding out more about Amanda's project? Head over to; to find out more.