Student Look - Angus Yong

Student Look - Angus Yong

Angus Yong talks his ultimate design project, the ways in which he has grown strongest as a designer throughout the 4 years of the BIA & how is graduation proposal is appropriate to the revival of WBPS.

Describe your proposal in 3 key words:
Regenerate , educate, absorb

What would be the ultimate design project that you would like to be involved in?
Despite being out of the realm of the degree, designing a stadium for a historically significant team or community. Stadium design has always been something fascinating to me as it is something that represents a team, a city, a community and a culture. Some of the most well known and/or historically significant stadiums are seen as sacred grounds; either a fortress to defend, or for the visitors, a 300-esque siege on the city. 

In why way do you feel you have grown strongest as a designer throughout the 4 years in the BIA?
I’ve learnt it is important to take a step back and reset mentally instead of trying to focus on a certain idea or concept and trying to force it. I’ve also had to develop patience and it’s an ongoing process to adapt to juggling my INTA, work and social life.  

Why is your proposal appropriate for the revival of WBPS?
My proposal of a New Media Arts and Technology Centre aims to fill the void in Sydney’s cultural and arts sectors. Despite being quite highly regarded, through research it can be seen that Sydney’s cultural and arts institutions lack a focus on contemporary and future arts and technological practices. They also lack links with international artists and organisations involved in new media and contemporary practices and technology, to raise Sydney to the standard of top benchmark cities worldwide. 

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