Student look - Annie Vu

Student look - Annie Vu

Annie Vu talks her dream design job, initial impression of the BIA and her favourite elements of her graduation project.

Describe your proposal in 3 key words:
Futuristic, dynamic & wonderous 

What would be the ultimate design project that you would like to be involved in?
It would be so cool if I could get my hands on designing a film set, perhaps a science fiction one! I think it would be very challenging. You would get to research, practice and collaborate with people from different fields. The brief would be hypothetical and unreal, but to me these scenes poses questions of the possible and impossible. I am very future-oriented so that excites me a lot.

First memory/impression of the BIA:
My first impression of the BIA was scary! I remember walking out from the first day of class and got suddenly overwhelmed by all the work we had to do. First year was the toughest year, but it got better as I learned the essential skills and got used to the *all nighter* pace. It's crazy how one second we were learning how to draw capsicums, then graduating the next! I'm lucky that I genuinely love the course, so I have really enjoyed the past years. I also made some really good friends along the way. BIA has taught me so many things and I am confident that I will be well-equipped to enter the real world of all work, no sleep.

Favourite element/s of your scheme:
I always love telling stories and I deliver them through the layers of my design. B L U E L A N D  revolves around the idea of a creative village and interdisciplinary collaboration. Each space has a different narrative, therefore there’s no favorites because my story would be incomplete without any of them. 

The interior is choreographed to walk you through a universe of wonders where science and arts collide. I love the regenerative sun-field that provides shade in the morning and blooms at night. I love the performative science labs where you can watch the mad scientist testing a new formula and interact with them. I love the artist village as a vibrant creative space where each floor is home to a unique art form. I also love the holographic bar/gallery where everyone is brought together for a drink and showcase their work. The idea of transparency is expressed throughout the interior fabric, provides visual hint and connectivity between spaces. There is always a sense of togetherness, innovation and exploration here.

Let me take you on a journey through B L U E L A N D and I’ll let you be the judge of your favorite part.

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