Student Look - Brenan McCloughan

Student Look - Brenan McCloughan

Brenan McCloughan talks design approach, in what ways he believes he has grown strongest as a designer throughout the BIA & how his graduation project aims to push the boundaries for what is expected within interior environments.

1. Describe your proposal in 3 key words:
Contemplative, Refreshing, Inviting

2. In what way do you find you approach design projects?
I always approach design projects by breaking down the brief. This involves research into the specifics of the project, knowing your site, knowing your client and understanding the desired outcome. All projects have a different driver, and it is about finding what that starting point is for you. Once the concept has been developed, I feel that a key part of any design is setting the limitations of the project and working with those to achieve the best possible outcome. It is hard to know if you have found the right answer if you haven’t looked at other possibilities, so it is important to explore all the options and continue building ideas to see what works best. Design is constantly evolving and I feel that your approach to it should reflect this.

3. In what way do you feel you have grown strongest as a designer throughout the 4 years in the BIA?
During my time studying the Bachelor of Interior Architecture, I have learnt to be more self-critical of my designs and approaches. Being more self-critical has allowed me to work with a better understanding of myself and my designs. This understanding of how I work has allowed me to use a design approach that is most effective for me, and continue to push my designs further. I have enjoyed watching my designs change over the years, which reflects the knowledge that I have gained from the course and I am excited at the prospect of furthering my design education in the workplace.

4. In what way will your grad project push the boundaries of what is expected within interior environments?
My graduation project will push the boundaries of public space within the interior environments. In this project I am interested in how recreational spaces can be brought together within an exhibition space. This exploration has led to the deconstruction of non-essential elements of the White Bay Power Station, allowing both sun and rain to enter into the lower floor of the station to form a new interior landscaping. This new environment will offer new experiences and learning opportunities for the community, as well as create a beautiful space for contemplation. The characteristics of the remaining heritage items that are of significant importance are reflected in new forms that develop new circulation and introduce colour into the space.

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