Student Look - Celia Feng

Student Look - Celia Feng

Celia Feng talks design philosophy & challenges she has faced within her graduation scheme

Describe your proposal in 3 key words:
Man–made, Natural, Discovery

What is your design philosophy?
I believe good design is simple, eye-catching and manages to evoke people’s emotion. Based on this philosophy, creating interior environments that are unusual & make people react and interact is what I enjoy developing. Allowing the visitors to experience the natural (the subgrade materials of this site) as well as man-made shapes and materials evokes a contrasted feeling throughout the whole discovery campus.

Biggest challenge you have faced throughout the development of your scheme? How did you overcome them?
The choke point became the biggest challenge I have faced. Based on my philosophy, which is to create an unusual discovery interior environment and allowing people to react and interact within spaces. Natural environments have been contrasted with man-made elements, but still this is not a prefect match with my philosophy. The choke point made me consider more about the other man-made elements and how they were to be fixed to the natural existing element. 

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