student look - Julie Lien

student look - Julie Lien

Julie Lien talks her dream design project, advice to first year BIA students & what most excites her about her graduation project.

1.Describe your proposal in 3 key words:
Breathing, evolving, and human.

2.What is the ultimate design project that you would like to be involved in?
I like temporary structures, and have a passion for sustainability and green living. Therefore, my ultimate design project I would like to be involved in is a large portable public pavilion which travels around cities to inform the public on the importance of minimising environmental pollution and how people can actually make a difference.

3.Advice that you would give to any first years / things you wish you knew that could have benefited you:
Form follows function. I remember those long nights trying to slot in stairs into geometries which just didn’t work. Plan your spaces based on the journey you wish to achieve and the rest will follow. 

Research. Research. Research. There is nothing harder than trying to design a space with little knowledge and inspiration of the site, it doesn’t benefit either party.

Don’t abandon your friends and family - simply because you have poor time management. Own a planner and stick to it. 

Stock up on essential materials so you never have to run out last minute to grab the last UHU off the shelf at Eckersleys.

Get inspired from all around you, inspiration doesn’t have to come from architectural precedents, the weirdest thing that inspired one (or two) of my concepts was a piece of bark I found lying around in my garden on the way to the letterbox.

If you have reached a design block, talk to someone (or your pet) about your scheme, this will force you to voice your thoughts and hopefully things will clear up.

Don’t make any drastic changes last minute. It will never turn out well. Whether it’s a last minute change to your design, or a last minute change to the format of your presentation. This usually happens at 4am when you’ve been staring at it all day. 

Go for walks; don’t sit at your desk for 37 hours straight !!

4.What are you most excited about with your graduation proposal for WBPS?
What I am most excited about ‘aura’ Centre for Experimental Music, is how it is received by people, and whether it excites them and makes them want to physically be in the space. I hope that the atmosphere can be communicated in a way that people can almost hear my images.

The most exciting part about the process of composing my proposal was figuring out how I can mimic the existing architecture in a contemporary and complimentary manner which is not intrusive. This was a great site to finish our degree with, as previously, we were given large spaces with minimal significant items to deal with. I feel like this project helped me to appreciate heritage architecture more.

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