Student Look - Lisa Cohen

Student Look - Lisa Cohen

Lisa Cohen talks her dream design project, how she has developed as a designer throughout the BIA & what most excites her with her graduation project.

Describe your proposal in 3 key words:
Delicate, experiential, respectful (to heritage)

What would be the ultimate design project that you would like to be involved in?
I would love to work on small / medium scale residential projects. I am attracted to the idea of innovating design when dealing with complex spaces - often those challenges can produce the best results!

In what way do you feel you have grown strongest as a designer throughout the 4 years of the BIA?
Over the past four years I feel as though I have developed a unique style and aesthetic which effectively defines me as a designer. This has evolved after thorough experimentation, particularly in the earlier years of the degree, and both in terms of aesthetic and ways of working. I now understand the design process in which I work best and I have also come to realise my specific interests and taste within the design realm. It has been a progressive journey that I have very much enjoyed and I am looking forward to putting all of this into practice at the culmination of my degree.

What are you most excited about with your graduation proposal for WBPS?
Working on my graduation proposal has definitely been the highlight of the degree for me. It has been an opportunity for me to express my creativity and take the design down an avenue which is very personal. There is an element of freedom that is so intrinsically linked with the proposal that has allowed me to further develop as a designer and take complete ownership over every aspect of the project. I am excited that this project defines me as a designer at this point in my life and is a perfect representation of the many hours of hard work and learning which has led to this point.

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