Student Look - Simone Daly

Student Look - Simone Daly

Simone Daly talks design philosophy, surprises experienced throughout the BIA & the biggest challenge she has faced in the development of her graduation scheme.

1. Describe your proposal in 3 key words:
Sensory, lively and collaborative

2. What is your design philosophy?
Often in design I employ a minimalist approach that gives way to a strong sensory address. I believe the most rewarding architectural spaces and interiors are those that create an embodied experience, established by the overall form and reinforced by the smell and feel of a detail or micro element. When designing, I aim to engage an audience through multiple sensory platforms, creating an atmosphere different to that of the everyday.

3. What has surprised you about the BIA?
Coming into the BIA I had very little knowledge of design and architecture. The biggest surprise is that this degree taught me to think in a very different way about people and how they interact with the built environment, which has ultimately shifted my understanding, and appreciation, of architecture and interiors. Design plays such a large part in daily life, and I was no where near as observant of my surroundings before this degree compared to now, after four years of education. The BIA has set up a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and skills, but most importantly framed how I see the world.

4. Biggest challenge you have faced throughout the development of your scheme? How did you overcome them?
The biggest challenge for me when conceptualising my scheme, would be understanding how to modernise and re-invent educational facilities that are already well established through specific typologies, such as libraries and study spaces. Originally I set out to create new learning environments that diverged entirely from the old, but found that by merging classic programmatic spaces with a modern approach to learning, the best outcome was achieved.

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