Student Look - Wei Guo

Student Look - Wei Guo

Wei Guo talks design approach, skills sets developed throughout the BIA & how his graduation proposal will provide something exciting and new to the civic environment of Sydney.

1. Describe your proposal in 3 key words:
Inspirational, Sculptural, Community

2. In what way do you find you approach design projects?
For each project, I always start with researching the site – the landscape, the structure, the history/heritage, etc. From research, I will resolve a few points that need to be addressed within my design – the interior/architectural problems need to be fixed; the heritage need to be preserved, etc. Then I will look though the design brief and research the client; make design decisions about the functional spaces required for the project. After settling on a design proposal, further precedent research will be made for seeking inspirations about spatial design and material options. From precedent research, normally I will have an initial idea about how I want the interior space to look and what I want the experience to be. Then I will start producing experimental iterations through by sketches, models, moodboards, material palettes, etc.

3. In what way do you feel you have grown strongest as a designer throughout the 4 years in the BIA?
I’ve learnt a lot over the last 4 years in the BIA, I’ve developed my presentation/communication skills, technical skills, computing skills through the numerous presentation I’ve produced. Most importantly, I have gained a deep understanding of creative and critical thinking, which I value the most amongst the skills I have gained.

4. How will your grad proposal provide something exciting and new to the civic environment of Sydney?
The community arts Centre is proposed for creativity and collaboration to be driving social, cultural and artistic vibrancy in Australian communities. It collaborates with artists, communities and organizations to build capacity create opportunities and drive social change. It is the place where important conversations happen, then action, cultivate, and deepen. It brings people from all walks of life, from different cultural backgrounds together in one place, to learn, to communicate, to create, to see and to think.

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