Student Look - Xiaoya Wang

Student Look - Xiaoya Wang

Xiaoya Wang talks design inspiration, design development throughout the BIA and the appropriateness of her graduation proposal for the White Bay Power Station.

Describe your proposal in 3 key words:
The 3 key words: science technology innovative


Who is your favourite designer / who are you currently taking inspiration from?
Japanese architect: Tadao Ando


In what way do you feel you have grown strongest as a designer throughout the 4 yeas of the BIA?
I have learned many skills over the past 4 years. By that, I don't just refer to the technical skills that I have gained, but also, and perhaps more importantly, the communication skills that I have picked up from working in team projects. 


Why is your proposal appropriate to the revival of WBPS?
The aim of the Algae Energy Research Centre will revive the White Bay Power Station through the use of science, innovation and technology. Aquaculture in Sydney has a high growth potential due to its strategic geographic location, climate, increased international demand and new challenges faced in sustainable management of ecosystems. Algae is an important ecological, social and economic resource. Sydney gathers a consolidated network of educational and productive infrastructure dedicated to aquaculture and especially algae, which will allow AEC to become a centre for education, research and production of the sea; providing a new hub of interest for the city and the community.