Student Look - Ye Zheng

Student Look - Ye Zheng

Ye Zheng talks her design inspiration, her favourite course taken within the BIA & how her graduation proposal will provide something new to the City of Sydney. 

1. Describe your proposal in 3 key words:
Respect, redefine, harmony

2. Who is your favourite designer/who are you currently taking inspiration from?
As I like to keep things simple, Japanese architects and designers really inspired me a lot, especially Tadao Ando. He believes architecture should be kept silent and allow sunlight and other natural elements to enrich architecture itself. His work always use minimised ornamentation in the interior. By adapting natural light wisely through the use of transparent glass and solid structures, creates and interplay of light & shadow, that forms an interesting and harmonious space.  Inspired from this, I started to focus on the natural elements such as light in my design. By using simple materials that coordinate with interesting sunlight, architecture has a new environmental meaning. The harmonious relationship between design and the natural environment makes design more valuable.

3. What is your favourite course you’ve studied in the BIA, why?
The most interesting course I’ve learned from BIA would be Studio. Studio is the most important course throughout the whole four years. For me, it has been something I have struggled with, however, I have always feel compelled towards it. I have learnt so much about design through the lecture series, and develop my own skills within studio by designing different projects. The different projects I got each semester are variable to practice my design skills. Meanwhile, the different tutors chosen is another interesting part I found in the studio. As a designer, it’s lucky to learn from different people. By talking with tutors, I know more about design, and can learn from everyone. The process from getting a brief, finding a concept, and then arriving at the final design solution, is really interesting and exciting. 

4. How will your grad proposal provide something exciting and new to the civic environment of Sydney?
My grad proposal will focus and respect the historical value of the site by using new architecture language to redefine the old site to play a new important cultural role in Sydney. Sydney as a new developed city, it is important to respect and protect its historical value and to encourage the city to become a unique one.  Using new architecture language to redefine the site not only respects the history, but also highlights the value of site. It can be an educational space for Sydney in the future.  The harmonious relationship of history and future is a key part that should be considered as a current designer. 

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