Student look - Yvonne Li

Student look - Yvonne Li

Yvonne Li talks her design approach, her development throughout the BIA & the appropriateness of her scheme for the revival of White Bay Power Station.

Describe your proposal in 3 key words:
Temporal, Light, Fluid.

In what way do you find you approach design projects?
Every project is faced with different problems and ‘needs’ which must be resolved into an coherent, functional and fluid design. Understanding the fundamental design problems and needs of a brief is key in developing a sophisticated design resolution. From these key ideas and principles, I often approach the development of the design through notion of evocation and experience: how do I want the occupant to feel when in the space? What kind of spatial experience would the occupants experience? I aim to create a functional spatial experience embedded with lasting emotions and memory to create unique spaces that fit the design brief.

In what way do you feel you have grown strongest as a designer throughout the 4 years of the BIA?
Over the four years of Interior Architecture, I have grown and developed in various different aspects as a designer, from technical skills to character development. Though technical skills are important as a designer, Interior Architecture has helped me understand and appreciate the elegance and cleverness in a resolved design and design approach. Being able to go through various design processes and approaches as the studio courses have encouraged, I have been able to find my own individual approach to design and design process. Being exposed to different design methods through studio, especially discussing with studio tutors and fellow peers, I was able to grasp a stringer understanding of who I was as a designer and what type of designer I strive to be. My aspirations as a designer has changed over the four years to suit my newly developed design process and approach. Interior architecture has given me a wider insight into the way design works for me personally and overall. It has lead to my current interest in designing intimate spatial experiences and my aim to experiment with spaces and senses.

Why is your proposal appropriate for the revival of WBPS?
My proposal for the White Bay Power Station is a development of a creative commune, opening up the sense of community and connection to the surrounding area through creative arts and design. Abandoned for over 30 years, the White Bay Power Station has great potential in becoming a new culture centre due to its locality and structure. Surrounded by a strong sense of local community in the Rozelle area, filled with smaller design boutiques and independent art galleries, a creative commune in the White Bay Power Station will be able to revitalise and embrace its industrial history. Respecting its former purpose as a power station, a creative commune will bring together the arts and design community into a hub for future visitors and local community as well as spotlighting and fostering more creativity in Sydney.

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