Alan Han

About me 

My interest in Architecture and design happened when I had developed a keen interest in building objects from Lego pieces as a kid. From that point on, I started developing an admiration for big structures and towards the smaller spaces as I matured on. Interior Architecture has taught me to understand the built environment's influence upon various aspects of the field, ranging from hospitality to residential designs. Since then, my interest has been to discover and examine new designs and its influence on audience's reaction and interaction to the space. Other hobbies include works from Haruki Murakami, amateur photography, my two carefree fluffy bunnies and occasionally being a nice guy to my close friends.

Project Ruin


The impression that stood out to me about the White Bay power station, was the fact that site was an abandoned structure under heritage protection. After its decommission, the structure has been largely unused and abruptly became a Sydney landmark. This is identified by its two iconic chimney towers which can be seen over long distances away.
The idea of urban exploration is the adventuring to abandoned structures and spaces that have been forgotten or barred entry into by authority. The thrill and excitement due to lure of discovery and lack of security personnel, attract certain individuals and groups that find inspiration, refuge or interest from such spaces. With social media rewarding individuals who risk themselves documenting their exploration and discovery, it asks the question whether society is wavering the risk perception of individuals so that their media personality may be noticed or heard.
Society claims that young adults are the riskiest age group. Adults often punish youths for taking dangerous risks without acknowledging the young individual's natural drive seek for thrill. This site aims to be the space where individuals can explore and expand on their risk perception through multiple mediums either through artistically or physically.

Project Ruin splits the space into 3 specific sections that contribute to the audience's overall experience of the White Bay power station. The first area focuses upon informing the audience with information regarding the past, present and future aspirations of the site. The second area moves towards the reflective stage. This part of the space houses the previous audiences' understanding and experience translated artistically or physically, leaving the current audience to ponder about their own experience. The final area allows the audience to explore the final stage of the space however they like, as opposed to the structured walking paths in the previous stages, and ultimately sum up their experience of Project Ruin


As the city of Sydney transforms itself into modern city of the world, new structures are constructed while existing ones are refurbished. Project Ruin aims to promote the White Bay power station into a cultural learning space that utilises knowledge, inspiration and application aimed towards young adults and active individuals. The project allows them to explore one of Sydney's historic buildings whilst also providing an urban exploration ground that aims to educate and enlighten their understanding of the ruin environment. The space aims to evoke curiosity within the audience as they explore and expand their sense of risk perception and appreciation of such rare structures that are still easily found and featured.