Alyssa Chhay

Alyssa Chhay

About me 

I love going to the cinema, reading film reviews, watching cartoons and karaoke. I have no regrets splurging on a good dining experience. I spend a lot of time drawing and experimenting with video editing. I collect film cameras.



Sydney's inner suburbs lacks the space to respond to current social needs of the community. Statistics show Sydney's population growth is rapidly increasing however local schools and community spaces will not have the facilities to accommodate for the population over the next 20 years.


Refinery is a proposal within the White Bay Power Station that aims to tackle the inner city's high density by providing a mixed-program space that can accommodate for future generations. Refinery responds to the local needs of the community through a public library which comprises of meeting rooms for hire and technology facilities available to local schools, a gallery space for the local and international community with a waterfront restaurant, and a daycare centre that connects to the children's library.