Amanda Ly

About me 

An aspiring designer intrigued by simplicity and well crafted design. I believe every space needs to evoke an emotion or experience.



RENEW is an urban wellness hub focusing on the improvement of mental and physical well being. Situated in Sydney's White Bay Power Station, RENEW aims to encourage the public in the adoption of a healthier lifestyle. Through increasing health awareness, a long term goal of a healthier Sydney will be achieved. This project has been developed through in-depth research, along with an interest in wellness and healthcare.


The proposed hub is opened to the public, with a variety of typologies available to promote a healthy mental and physical state. These include a market hall, indoor aquatic centre and contemplative spaces. In continuing the theme of health and wellness, a bicycle route has thus been proposed. This circulates within and around the hub, providing a different view of the hub as well as encouraging movement. In hope to present a calm and refreshing environment, RENEW has adopted a neutral palette; with Siberian timber and lime plaster as its main materials. While these materials have been repeated throughout the proposed typologies, its treatment and finish have been carefully thought out to differentiate spaces and assist with direction.