Amber Gallen

Amber Gallen

About me 

Graduating at 27 I have had a few years to explore the world before entering the realm of design and architecture. Having studied Classical Ballet at the Victorian College of the Arts and running my own Boutique Catering Company I have always been in a creative space which has influenced my design processes and visions. The Bachelor of Interior Architecture has allowed me to amalgamate my passions and explore the deep appreciation I have for all forms of architecture but has also allowed me to revel in the freedom to take risks and experiment in order to achieve interior environments, which have challenged my more traditional beliefs and tendencies of design.

P U M P . H O U S E


At the time of the White Bay Power Station's construction post World War I, Australia was entering into the Industrial revolution, which demanded the electrification of Sydney to power factories, machinery and transport networks which ran all over the city, shaping the cityscape we know today. The introduction of electricity coupled with the rapid growth of population completely changed the social dynamic of the city and it’s significance as a global destination. The PUMP HOUSE proposition draws on the electrification and socialisation of the 1920’s to create an inspiring innovative and collaborative environment unique to Sydney and a creative destination for other nationalities, transforming White Bay Power Station from an industrial innovation icon to an intellectual innovation icon.


The PUMP HOUSE is a unique combination of co-working, co-creating and co-living programmes that are housed in the existing White bay Power Station architecture skeleton. The overall design of the space aims to encapsulate the wonder and monumental nature of the White Bay Power Station’s history and identity as the “Heart Beat” of Sydney. Experimental materials and methods were used to explore the concept of networks and establish a strong understanding of connections. A parametric approach has been taken from the Macro form to the Micro details of the site to create an organic journey through a series of spaces with very different functions and impressions.