Angus Yong

Angus Yong

About me 

I've always thought of myself as a creative person since primary and high school where I'd be doodling or sketching in class and prioritising things like visual arts over english and maths which really drew my into this degree; Interior Architecture. This degree has been a giant learning curve within my life where I've learnt not only about architecture, detailing and design but also valuable lessons in friendships, camaraderie and work ethic. It has been an enjoyable yet turbulent experience balancing creative output and the 'grind' alongside my day to day life and I believe it will prove invaluable moving into my career.  



Dealing with the White Bay Power Station, a heritage listed coal power station located in Rozelle, Sydney, there were several challenges in the redevelopment of this old site. My proposal of a Sydney Centre of New Media Arts and Technology aimed to deal with these appropriately. Through research, it was established that although Sydney has a vibrant culture and a multitude of artistic and cultural institutions, when benchmarking these institutions amongst other cities renowned for such institutions there was a lack of focus upon digital, interactive, graphical and virtual arts and also a lack of technology to facilitate growth, not only in arts but related areas such as robotics, sculpture and biotechnology. The proposal also aimed to consider the opinions of stakeholders which saw a big portion of local residents and business owners note they would prefer the redevelopment of the White Bay Power Station to be a multi functional precinct or centre that focused on arts and/or culture.   


The proposal of a Sydney Centre of New Media Arts and Technology aimed to encapsulate my project title of 'regenerate' as on first impressions of the old site, I felt like there was still some life or usability in the relic-like structures that remained. My creative process outlined how I could 'regenerate' this old structure both in terms of design and usage while still keeping the integrity of the historical importance of the Power Station and the new media arts and technology proposal linked quite well in this sense as it was something Sydney lacked to really take it to the next level in terms of worldwide cultural city benchmarks, and it is something that could inspire design that encompassed the idea of renewal within an old structure.

The main focus of the proposal is the exposure to new media arts and related technologies through exhibits, workshops and educational facilities that would foster interest and output. To also aid the growth of Sydney as a landmark cultural city and linking it with other worldwide cities, local and international artists will have opportunities to exhibit their works, teach, learn from each other and live within the centre through the artist residency areas.