Ashleigh Bennett

Ashleigh Bennett

About me 

My design for KARDIA explores the intellectual revolution of today’s society; as a nod to the White Bay Power Stations role in the Industrial revolution of the 19th Century.

I thoroughly enjoy the process of generating design ideas based on a beautiful concept. This concept is based on innovation, so I delved into the intellect of the mind, looking at the psychology and the cognitive + emotional experiences one may experience through architecture. This led me into some stunning details and shapes reflecting the patterns of neurons. This year I also developed in my perspective on architecture, researching 'adaptive architecture' where the architecture can be innovative and responsive to the natural environment. This concept of intellect is see also in the detail of materials that I have chosen. I have detailed my project with highly innovative 'transmaterials' which means 'the substance or substances of which a thing is made or composed'. The most interesting material I found is called "sensitile" which is a composite of concrete, material waste from machinery workshops and reflective light tiles- the interesting element is that the light only is seen in your shadow- so the dots of light will shine wherever you walk! 


KARDIA Innovation Hub


The proposed facility, KARDIA, from Greek Καρδία meaning ‘Heart’, reflects the pioneering process of innovation as it sustains and reinvigorates society in a continual renewing process, signifying innovation as the heartbeat of society.

The vision for KARDIA aims to pioneer future directions in innovation and technology, nationally and internationally, with the facility being the central civic hub for inspired collations of the mind. This Innovation precinct engages various parts of the creative mind- to think, to create and to engage.




The heartbeat of the hub is the central atrium that connects the hub of creative zones and collaborative paths. The architectural atrium, offers an imaginative space to think and imagine; providing a laptop charging ‘plug in’ zone, meeting spaces, and café. Vibrant studio spaces, technology labs and architecturally striking presentation facilities provide the means to create, engage and present new developments.

With such innovative programs going on within this creative hub, the architecture should be equally as innovative. Adaptive architecture is architecture that physically responds to the natural environment, providing an ideal and flexible internal environment. The undulating adaptive architecture wraps and interacts with the existing built environment, shading and allowing natural sunlight. The modular pattern reflects the shape of the neuron within the brain, condensing and releasing in connection to one another.

The second main intention of KARDIA is to engage the general community and generations through interactive exhibition spaces. A ‘Sensory Coffee Lab’, feature escalator and suspended fine dining restaurant, combine student learning opportunities with professionals in creative industries.