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Beatrice Wu

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A big fan of symmetry, simplicity and the heaviness of concrete.

White Bay Cultural Centre


The White Bay Cultural Centre (WBCC) aims to create a space to preserve the cultural facilities that Sydney, or the entire nation is currently lacking or would have great contributions towards the society. After researching and analysing, three main typologies are decided for WBCC: Aboriginal Historical Museum, which is extremely lacking comparing to other types of historical museums throughout Australia; digital library, a new way to access and exchange information both digitally and through physical resources, which could highly likely become on trend in the next 10 to 20 years; and performance theatre, a popular place for people to receive and share knowledge. Each of these typologies relatively represents past, future and present, celebrating the rapid development of Sydney since last century. 


Before going into the main building which is located in the existing Turbine Hall, visitors would pass through a White Bay Tunnel, transformed from the original Coal Handling Shed, to gain a brief understanding of WBPS and the newly proposed WBCC. An open exterior multifunctional venue is located in front of the new entrance towards the building which can be used for outdoor performance and exhibitions.


The design of the WBCC aims to capture the existing symmetrical interior structures, as well as celebrating the change between the past, present, and future through different choices of materials.

entrance of the White Bay Cultural Centre
main circulation space
the White Bay Tunnel
the gathering space of Digital Library
one exhibition space of the museum
dining area of the restaurant