Brenan McCloughan

Brenan McCloughan

About me 

My passion for design begins with the experience, from the overall impact down to the tiniest detail.

Centre of Agricultural Sustainability


The Centre of Agricultural Sustainability, has developed through research, driven by the important role agriculture plays in the environmental, economical, and social aspects of Australia. It aims to educate the community in sustainable living, and promote a greater understanding of farming in Australia. The desired outcome of this is to enable people to make conscious decisions about the food they purchase and consume. Making consumers more aware of agriculture not only benefits the consumer’s health but has flow on effects that support farmers and Australia’s future.


My design intent is to create a community hub which allows visitors to experience and learn about sustainable agriculture in a hands on manner. At the heart of the hub is an exhibition centre which provides learning opportunities for all ages. In support of this, the centre offers other programs that benefit the community through involvement, as well as a new hospitality sector. Following the new international movement towards ‘food design’ the centre will also work closely with a university to offer a new and innovative course that allows students to become professionals of the food industry and of all the related sectors. The students as well as established artists will provide works that will further progress the exhibitions of the centre.