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Caroline Terianto

About me 

Every design project requires specific solution to the site, brief and client, and thus, I love that one project is always different from the others. It always challenges me to be creative and original in every project. To design an interior, which means to respond specifically to the client, to imbue a meaning, to choose the most appropriate form, materials, lighting, furniture and detailed design, is my passion. Life’s too short to inhabit monotonous design!


ECO-SYD (Eco-friendly Sydney) is a sustainable centre that was developed to address the most alarming issue facing the 21st century: climate change.  Sustainable living is now more important than ever to secure the future of humanity because it touches virtually every aspects of human life.  As such, ECO-SYD aims to move climate awareness and green sustainable living to the centre of public life.  White Bay Power Station is seen as ideal for the site because of its considerable size and significant identity.  


ECO-SYD will engage and educate the public through its various programs, such as an exhibition space, collaboration space, artists’ studio, conference hall and community garden.  The core attraction will be the building that houses the exhibition space that is flooded with water.  It was a creative direction undertaken to illustrate the idea of sea level rising being one of the major consequences of climate change.  The overall redevelopment of the power station seeks to apply the most sustainable design solutions and spark the sense that sustainable living is exciting and fun.  The design intervention includes the insertion of new structures that enhances the original character of each building, whilst creating a new story to the site.  The rustic and dark Power Station will be transformed to be an exciting and vibrant space, allowing it to become a prominent educational institution in Sydney and a ‘world-class urban transformation’ Sydney needs.