Cathrine Lee

Cathrine Lee

About me 

I have passion for good designs and love all forms of creative arts. I enjoy the art museums, travelling, a good read and music. All of which just happen to work really well together. I find nearly everything interesting in one way or another. I passionately believe that great design is in the details. I’m also drawn to the thought that design must support functionality and vice versa. When I’m not doing studio, you’ll find me snuggling up on the couch reading a book or pairing a classic Hollywood film with a bottle of crafty beer or wine.

White Bay Arts District


White bay power station is of exceptional historic cultural heritage significance to the local community as a prominent and widely recognised harbourside industrial landmark. However, as Sydney has developed over the past few decades, Sydney’s metropolitan stations were gradually replaced and demolished one by one. By 1984, the power station was decommissioned and closed to the public for years, allowing it to deteriorate and leaving little appreciation to the site and its history. The proposed White Bay Arts District has been formed through in depth understanding of the significance of the site, its history, and the importance for its future, which has underpinned the essence of my scheme for the revitalisation of the White Bay Power Station. 


Drawn from the research and understanding of the site, this project aims to restore its history, and providing a place of learning and creativity for social and cultural interaction. The proposed ‘White Bay Arts District’ aims to rejuvenate the local inner west community by integrating a museum of history, art gallery, performing arts centre, bar and café into the existing site. The project vision for the ‘White Bay Arts District’ is to create a sustainable and activated creative arts precinct that supports and nurtures Australia’s home- grown talent, culture and creativity. It will be a platform for Australian artists, performers, and creative workers to come together in unity. It will be a setting where audiences meet the magic of history, creation, art, music, dance, theatre, and food. The alterations have been designed to be sympathetic to the existing structures and the heritage value of the site. The reading of the surrounding envelope of the existing building has directly influenced the remodeling of the White Bay Power Station. The new insertions were placed within the space that conformed to the rhythm. An important aspect of the White Bay Power Station is an ‘assemblage of parts’, all industrial and utilitarian. In order to retain the sense of industrial layering of the site, a collection of objects were arranged in a series and strategically placed within the building, creating a series of different experiences and providing a sense of balance, evenness and strength while still possessing qualities of transience and movement. The orderly positioned elements encourage visitors to move from one room to the next, to circulate in a composed and slightly unselfconscious manner while appreciating the quality and character of the power station.