Chilam Le

Chilam Le

About me 

My favourite things about Interior Architecture are pulling all those all-nighters. 



I am proposing a social hub which includes the two main programs: The Museum of Cinematography and Communal Garden with additional functions such as hospitality, dining space, retails, community garden and theatre. Reconnect is based on the research about dense living condition in Rozelle area and the lack of public access within the last 30 years. will provides a healthier life style for the community as well as educating the public about the history of White Bay Power Station.


 My future vision is to recreate a connection and collaboration between the community and existing site. Creating a diverse and exiting space with an extensive access in order to benefit the community. The aim of the museum is to document the history of WBPS, how its typology was transformed throughout the years. The communal garden will allows a more active and healthy living for a rapid growth of population in the area. The communal function of the museum and community garden will provides different activities and increase the living condition of the residents mentally and physically.