Daniel Mattjik

Daniel Mattjik

About me 

From my passion in drawing and painting since my childhood, I learned that art has the ability to move people emotionally. I found it fascinating how one painting can be interpreted in a thousand different ways, but in the end still able to inspire or give a personal meaning to each and every person. I believe architecture has this same ability, but in a more intimate way to its users. Not just by visual means, but also through meticulous design thinking that can increase the wellbeing of anyone using the space. This is what I aim to achieve as a designer, to create a dwelling space that have a personal meaning to each individual while also accommodating their needs to ensure their wellbeing. I saw design as a chance to give people a helping hand which offer comfort, warmth, protection, without the need to be present in person in that space. It is our resounding thoughts as a designer that touch and help people live their life.



White Bay Power Station, as one of the first electricity generator in Sydney, brought light into the live of Sydneysiders. Regardless of the polution it have produced in the pass, it is an inevitable fact that it brought new lifestyle and innovation. It seems appropriate if in its rebirth phase, the building itself be bathed in light, and by light, It means both traditional and contemporary interpretation of light.

The title of the project, "Forstelys", is a Danish word which means "First Light". The use of foreign language has been chosen as an analogy how the term "light" has shifted from natural sunlight into artificial light, leaving the original meaning into something that is becoming more and more distant form our daily life. Current society has spend more and more of their time living their life in the digital world and forgetting the importance of interaction with the real world. This project aims to invite the visitors to contemplate this concern for modern lifestyle and also to offer a place to rejuvenate the visitors both physically and mentally from the influence of modern technology addiction.


"Forstelys" will contain historical development of lights, starting from the aboriginal use of light from fire and the light of the night sky. The aboriginal use of fire to cook food and also as a gathering place will be interpreted as a public lounge which offer food and refreshment for the visitors and also offer a space for gathering or meeting. Light of the night sky is translated into planetarium.

It will also contain a library which is dedicated to keep record of literature related to energy production and the more recent sustainable development, and also classic literature and story books that has becoming outdated from its modern interpretation. This is the first form of contemplation about light through the means of education. It aims to educate young generation on clean energy resources and also to rejuvenate culture and historical value in modern lifestyle through books.

The second form of contemplation is through the gallery space, showcasing artworks that is made through the appreciation of sunlight, such as paintings and sculptures, and conversely, the contemporary light installation which has entice the younger generation. By contrasting the two form of artworks, the visitors are being exposed to the different quality of artificial and natural light. Through this understanding, visitors are expected to realise that the artificial lights are merely trying to imitate natural light and cannot fully substitute natural light, and therefor creating a desire to return to the appreciation of the natural light and interaction with the real world.

In the end, the most important aim of this project is to move people emotionally through the beauty of natural light, culture, and history. This is because people tend to forget what we told them, but they will never forget how we make them feel.