Emma Rosewarne

Emma Rosewarne

About me 

As someone who has always been interested in the creative arts, unifying my love of music and architecture has been a natural progression. While I am always searching for visual inspiration, my interest in the feelings that a space provoke constantly inspires me to go out and explore the world.

cymatics || bringing sydney to life with sound


‘Music is too much fun to be left to the talented few’ - Chris Belshaw 

The Centre for Sound and Music Therapy focuses on inspiring and educating the community by engaging people of all ages to create sound and music through the various architectural interactions on site. White Bay Power Station brought life to Sydney for most of the 20th Century through electricity and has the potential to provide a new vibrancy to the community. By offering the Centre for Sound and Music Therapy, with a sound and cymatics gallery, and music therapy and education spaces, this proposal uses sound as a medium for promoting human connection and healing, reinterpreting the sites former character and use.


Cymatics, from Greek: κῦμα, meaning “wave” - ‘the study of sound waves, and their visual representations’

The interactive sound art gallery inspires the community through new, different, and possibly unconventional sounds being discovered in the exhibitions. With this, it not only influences the students in the music education centre on site, but also presents intrigue to visitors with little musical background, giving them the opportunity to participate and create music and sounds through the interactive sound art. The proposal intends to bring people together of all ages and abilities to experience the mesmerising qualities that cymatic exhibits have that is unique against traditional exhibitions. With new hospitality spaces on the site, White Bay Power Station is activated by way of  interaction during both day and night facilitating opportunities for breathing new life into Sydney.