Erinn Goh

Ice Climbing FacilityAbove Ground Diving CentreEntry and ReceptionSauna Pod Interior



My proposal for the White Bay Power Station is to create a water recreational and water allied health services facility. In response to the needs of the community, I hope that the space will create a relevant and revitalised response to the rising awareness of healthy work life balance. Research into the chemical make up of water has revealed many health benefits in each of its chemical states. As a result, I chose to base all activities undertaken within the White Bay Power Station on the gaseous, liquid and solid states of water.


With the aim of making sydney a more vibrant, connected and healthy city, this proposal seeks to transform the white bay power station into a joint water recreational and allied health services facility to revitalise and push sydney in the direction of becoming the next unique and vibrant city. An amalgamation of these two typologies aims to encourage a healthier way of life while and promoting the importance of work-life balance for the community.