Eun Hae Kim

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About me 

I have a minimalist approach to design. A simple design is powerful and has sophistication in the details. Design is brought about through process and creative thinking which I enjoy being part of. 


Creative Clusters


Currently, cities around the world are distinguishing themselves through the development of its creative culture. Sydney, being a City of Film according to the UNESCO's Creative City Network is a place of creativity especially in the Arts and Film. But, the city lacks a large space which can facilitate and sustain creative growth. There are small creative hubs and art galleries scattered around Sydney. What the city lacks, is an iconic Creative Hub that is almost like a network of art and film production spaces, gallery spaces and creative business offices. This Creative Hub is to promote cutting edge and experimental art and film to celebrate contemporary art in order to further develop the city's creative culture. This Hub is a focal space for collaboration of creative thinkers, artists, creative technology, creative businesses and creative knowledge. 


Creative Clusters is a Creative Hub which houses a collaboration of studios for the production of cutting edge and experimental art, gallery spaces, cinemas and creative business office spaces. The design intent for this project was initiated by looking at the existing site in detail. In such a large site, it was easy to see how clusters were formed throughout the site evident in clusters of machinery and condensed spaces of the site. Also, through research, I found out that creative spaces proliferate in clusters. Clustering of spaces increase idea exchange and therefore creativity as it increases opportunities for people interactions. Therefore, this Hub is structured in clusters of galleries, cinemas, studios and offices in order to increase idea exchange and creativity. Spatially, the clusters of spaces look like they emerge out of the rustic existing site creating a juxtaposition with the old and the new.  

Site Context
Cluster Sketches
Site Plan
Creative Clusters Plan and Sectuib
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Reception Space
Gallery Space
Open Cinema
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