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Hyun Bang

Rebirth - Bioenergy Research Centre


The White Bay Power Station is a decommissioned power plant and is now a heritage item. The key energy source for this power station was coal and as a result, the site was closed due to pollution concerns. With growing awareness of pollution and its impact on the environment, this power station eventually ceased operation during the 1930s. However, the communities continue to have very strong connection with the site and the historic value of the White Bay Power Station. Currently, the orientation of the site provides wide open view of the harbor and features a decent size land for future redevelopment. By incorporating landscape architecture and existing materials found on site, the power station has the potential to be converted into a historic landmark. As an alternative energy source, the old power station can be redeveloped into a 'Bio-energy Research Centre' that focuses on clean renewable energy source for the current and future generations.


Through the Bio-energy research, there are environmental and economic opportunities to redevelop the site to provide clean renewable energy source as well as provide better living environment for the surrounding communities. The design is to feature the bioenergy research centre as a main program in private and connect with the community through an exhibition hall, and cafe and library facilities with small offices that open to the public.

By integrating with the surrounding landscape, the existing building form will be incorporated with the natural resources. This is achieved by using organic and curvy shapes as the interior in contrast to the right-angled boxes to evoke the idea of nature.The collaboration of natural sources and landscape provide relaxation and as a public space for visitors whilst the research centre will be a place of innovation and intellectural inspiration for the researchers. The site is inteded to engage strongly with the locals, where half of space is open to the public and other half is for private use. Those spaces that are open to public will ve used for educational promotions and through site visits under public exhibition, an interrelationship will be created between the research laboratory and the community.

These project mainly focused to ‘recognise’ our past, blend with ‘nature’ and focus on ‘materiality-texture’ to deliver the innovative ideas through bioenergy with our senses (touch, smell, sight)

elevated floor detail
floor detail in staff room
private study space detail
private study space section