Jackie Lee

About me 

Tea drinker, dog lover, and avid traveller. Drawn to colours, shiny objects, and all things creative. My passion for design lies in the little details that make up the bigger picture, and through my immersion in the design world I have come to appreciate the importance of varied perspectives in all forms of creative expression.

s y m b i o s e


The Symbiose project transforms the site of White Bay Power Station into a Horticultural Complex that is vibrant, active and barrier-free. This horticultural based rejuvenation of White Bay incorporates unique strategies to improve the quality of life for people in an urban context, dedicated to benefiting the physical, mental and social wellbeing of all visitors. The revitalisation has been founded on the research surrounding loneliness and mental health as key concerns of the local community, as well as big cities globally. 


Spaces proposed in this project utilise the beneficial qualities of horticulture, combined with creative expression, to create positive environments that will stimulate and improve the wellbeing of people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. The main spaces proposed in this scheme utilise landscape features, combined with the contrast of large open voids and small, intimate spaces in order to take the mind and body to new sensory realms. Each space has been designed to explore multi-sensory experiences in a different way, where sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch have been integrated to create unique spaces rich in atmospheric quality. On a local scale, Symbiose will bring about a renewed sense of community and cohesion between people and their relationship to place. On a global scale, this substantial public health intervention strategy will attract visitors from all over the world, not only bringing the local community closer together but also bringing the world closer to White Bay.