Joanna Pan

About me 

A 22 year old girl, who loves all the intricate details that comes with design and performance art. I’m always looking for my next big adventure and constantly crave the freedom to be creative.



The heritage listed White Bay Power Station is a cultural landmark that has been inactive for over 30 years, which has caused a lack of connection to Sydney. My proposal aims to revitalise the site and bring back its cultural significance by giving it a purpose that Sydney demands in our 21st Century world. Through extensive research the site, historical context, community and culture has underpinned the essence of my vision for the revitalisation of White Bay. My proposal, 'Motion', a Centre of Performing Arts offers the community of Sydney a space that no other space in Sydney can offer. A place that dedicates its functionality for creative thinking, learning and performance art for the entire community to enjoy.


Motion is the name given to the Performing Arts Centre for the revitalisation of the White Bay Power Station. It is a Centre that focuses on an identity for performing arts that provides programs and entertainment for all members of the Sydney community to enjoy. Motion focuses on providing a series of studio, rehearsal, dining and theatre spaces that houses all essential elements required for performing arts. The redevelopment of the Bays Precinct is aimed to generate a new appreciation for the heritage-listed site whilst still giving it a purpose that is significantly high in demand for Sydney’s 21st Century community.

Motion is an integral part of performing arts. The elements of movement are viewed through a prolonged period of time. Without time, movement does not exist, it is merely a snapshot or stagnant point in time. My approach was aimed to underpin the essence of performing arts and how the elements can be broken down and interpreted through architecture. The exploration of motion was conducted through capturing movement through a camera lens with a slow shutter speed. The result consisted of delicate, uninterrupted and unsteady images. Through the use of repetition and manipulation of form an interpretation of motion is created where the boundaries of stillness and balance are challenged. 

Theatre Foyer
Entry Columns
Entry Columns
Stairs Detail
Hanging Table and Stool
Hanging Table and Stool Detail
Interlocking Structure Detail
Hanger Detail
Acoustic Panel
Conceptual Model
Conceptual Model