Jordan Ferguson

Jordan Ferguson

About me 

||    From a young age design was on my mind. As a little girl I would focus on the finer details of games, whether it was dolls, Lego, or the Sims. I would spend hours agonising over the perfect space, which I can imagine frustrated my best friend who played with me. Growing up I started to understand, what I found fun at that age, I could eventually turn into a real life 'big girl job'. Flash forward to now, whether I am designing, photographing, or just 'being' in a space I feel at home. Taking a special interest in the hospitality design industry and the fast pace retail world has led to my obsession in quick turn-around style designs and pop-up architecture. My love for all things whacky and wonderful encourages me to always push the boundaries and I think that is why hospitality and retail design is where I would like to be- to submerge people into another world full of wonder and fascination.    ||



Decayng, rusted, overgrown. In ‘C R E A T E’ I prefer to embrace rather than deny the evolution of the built environment that has occurred at White Bay Power Station since its decomission in 1983. I have designed a space that draws on this ‘deterioration’ seeing it as a progression to be embraced. Using these elements I have created a hub of interaction between nature, the built environment and the community. It provides a more gentle connection with space typically encouraging buskers, local producers and pop-up bars and eateries. My spaces invite change and growth to create an ephemeral beauty to be shared by its visitors over time.  



The natural history of this site, being the evolution of rust and plant growth created a stepping stone in which to expose and express. The new formation and insertion into the building creates a civic space where anyone is able to ‘C R E A T E’ what they find beautiful and exhibit their passions. The beauty of these natural performances on the building’s skin are replicated in a twisting form of PVC piping coated in a matte grey finish, into the functional spaces of the site and allow eventual plant growth to climb the form. This allows an ongoing evolution of the site and it can eventually becomes once again overrun with nature. The bar spaces, food stalls and performance spaces are all held within this form and create a civic hub for creative individuals.