Julie Lien

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inspired by the form, structure and growth of nature.

aura / centre of experimental music


Extensive research was undertaken into the physical, environmental, cultural and historical context of the site of White Bay Power Station. Information gathered from primary and secondary sources referenced the site's historical importance in the development of the City of Sydney, and how that has now changed to simply a physical and historical landmark. The main driver for the revitalisation of the site is to embody a heightened human presence by elevating sensorial experiences. This driver was identified by the site's inadequacy to accommodate a human circulation path that flows, as the existing internal configuration was intended for the system of machinery. The main sense that would be elevated is Sound. the sounds which were generated by the Power Station were the most prominent features of the site, besides its physical silhouette.


The proposal for ‘aura’ centre of experimental music seeks to revitalise the existing structure of the White Bay Power Station to the present community, by uniting historic sounds generated by the power station with new and contemporary sounds created by the current community. The site-sensitive insertions are designed to be a delicate addition to the existing heavy and powerful structure of the site. The proposed programmes are orientated to take full capacity of the human spatial experience, which was disdained from its previous function which was programmed for cycle of generating power. The spaces include a multi-functional staircase, flexible and eco-friendly music workshop spaces, a large concert hall, and a sensorial dining precinct. Materials, patterns and the overall spatial arrangement are influenced by, and integrated into the existing site.