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the AU centre


The Au (gold) Centre is a sporting centre. A facility that offers to not only the local sport clubs but to all groups and individuals that wish to develop their fitness and sporting skills. It is an epicentre for social activity and fitness, available to any and all communities that wish to enhance a healthier and more active lifestyle, whether for children and/or adults, the centre is a space that focuses on the health and welfare of people. 


The White Bay Power Station has remained as a prominent icon and historical artifact for the community of Balmain and the City of Sydney. However, as the area and city have developed and gentrified over the last few decades, the status of the Power Station and begun to decline, allowing decay grow and memory to fade. This project was to not only revive the Power Station's grandeur presence but to reinstall its purpose and function into one that assimilates to the needs of the community, now and in the future. My proposal for the Power Station is to reinstate it into a sports centre. The proposal was an answer to the gentrification of young families and couples within the Leichhardt/Balmain area, due to the overgrowth of people, a domino like effect has triggered issues on the health and welfare of the surrounding communities. With a severe decline in open spaces, the existing open spaces such as parks and sporting fields have become 'over-used' too quickly making the maintenance of them, a financial burden for local council. Due to this, it has become an ongoing issue for all sporting clubs for Balmain, as a reputable area for rugby league and union, soccer and netball, these clubs have been declined the opportunity to develop their skills efficiently on home turf and continued to train on grounds outside their vicinity. By allowing the Power Station to transform itself into a sports centre, it will become a landmark for sport and development for not only the current generation but the future as well.

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