Lisa Cohen

About me 

My architectural passion lies in the detail of design. I am excited by simple, pure and balanced forms that are intricately detailed to reflect a personal element or subtle nuance. I am also interested in incorporating biophilic design within interior spaces. Painting is another passion that has ensued within me an inspiration and drive from a very young age. It is the freedom of expression and the ability to let loose on a canvas that has held my attraction to this artform.

Demiurge - the renaissance of a terrain vague


After an assessment of the surrounding demographic, public facilities and culture, I have been inspired to propose a creative arts centre for the redevelopment of the White Bay Power Station. Creativity is essential to a healthy lifestyle and my proposal provides a space for individuals to collaborate, socialise and unleash their creativity in a relaxed setting. Based on my research the centre will include creative studios, markets and contemplative gardens. This will address two overarching concerns; the centre will provide a place to 'produce and explore' rather than ‘display’, and will become a space for small businesses to develop within a creative outlet and 'pop up' setting. The 'pop up' notion will prevent a sense of permanence in terms of business structures. This will encourage constant creativity and new ideas throughout the space.


Demiurge brings to life a creative centre for the White Bay Power Station, inspired by the existing and driven by a creative force. Recognising the uniquely colourful and driven community in the area, the centre will evolve to become a place to immerse in culture and develop skills within a relaxed and inspiring forum. The attempt is to create architecture imbued with an experience of creativity and innovation whilst maintaining a delicate and complimentary relationship with the existing interior. The design facilitates creative expression through the composition of spaces where heritage is celebrated through the aesthetic and temporal qualities of each interior. An understanding of the psychology behind creativity has led me to introduce elements of biophilia throughout, allowing for an all encompassing experience of vitality in artistry.