Lucille McCall

About me 

Growing up on the Northern beaches i love the outdoors and am inspired by the delicate and intricate detail of natural forms. I have been interested in pursuing a career in Interior Design from a young age. In my younger years I was lucky enough to undertake my weeks work experience at a Sydney Interior design firm. This gave me a glimpse into the industry and further cemented my love of design prompting me to enrol in the UNSW Interior Architecture program. Through-out the BIA i have developed an appreciation of detail design within interiors. When first starting out in the degree i saw spatial design revolve around planning and a big sculptural impact. In my later years i have learnt the beauty behind intelligent interior detailing of a space. Interiors do not need to have one quick impact but can be subtle, slowly experienced and appreciated.

Artist Turbine


The Artist turbine serves to revitalize the now abandoned White Bay Power Station. The proposed precinct is a unique arts hub that works to foster creative thinking and link artists within the community. Symmetrical, balanced forms have been used to encompass the deep and narrow spaces that occupy the WBPS. The details delicate and innovative to respond to artists creative and unique thought process. The Artist Turbine is promoting the visitation and recognition of local and international artists through the residency program. It's aim is to mark itself as one of the top artist' institutions internationally. This due to its's unique communal interaction between the creative arts and reliance on community involvement.


The Artist turbine key programs consist of creative studios, art and design library, gallery, wine bar artist residence and sculpture garden. The programmatic space of the creative studios located in the turbine hall is unique in nature due to its planning. Artists are allocated individually designed studios according to medium (sculpture pod, painter pod) which are alternated throughout the three floors. Specialty open creative spaces adjoin in between these studios. The scattered placement encourages artists to be inspired by other artists of different mediums. The private studios are encouraged to be opened up to create a cohesive and productive environment between the community and creatives. Oiled pine trusses frame the space to segment the private and communal facilities- the public is encouraged to interact within these spaces.The Art and Design Library is not only a place to learn and be inspired, it is a relaxing experience for the public to behold. A series of voids have been punctured through he height of the Turbine Hall to create green reading rooms that are light filled, nature infused relaxation rooms. Wire mesh has been designed to look paper thin creating a diffused light effect throughout the space. 

The Artist turbine is generating the next artists of our generation. A place to learn, create and relax it is a lifestyle for artists and an opportunity for the community to take a glimpse into their world.