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Lyndall Taylor

About me 

I’m a 22 year old obsessed with the beauty of the world and its vastness in both culture and nature. I have passions equally strong for design & travel and get inspired by human interactions to a space or environment. I’m excited by the potential we have as designers within this industry and look forward to seeing where the Interior Architecture world will take me…



code: creative, aims to revitalise the once abandoned power station through the constant production of renewed creative energy. Derived from the study into todays push towards “STEM” education (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) identified that the lack in Arts education is ‘schooling’ people out of creative thinking and the problem-solving associated with such skills. As a result, creativity has become undermined. 


My proposal elevates the notion of creativity to an important significance, using vaulted ceilings & detailed codes, as a motif for a precious, preserved environment. The station will be transformed into a creative domain where numerous creative learning workshop spaces (ranging from culinary skills to performance), performance viewing spaces and hospitality facilities will all be interconnected through a performers and chefs in-residency program. These creative professionals from all over the world can take over the space, be it the performances or restaurants, while simultaneously teaching the classes on offer. This structure establishes a presence of impermanence, encouraging new creative energy to be constantly generated. 

The visitor is the heart of the project, whose creative experience is activated from entry to exit. Although creative engagement is intrinsic to learning spaces, it is absent within a typical performance watching or dining situation. These two typologies traditionally limits visitors to the role of receivers where they either sit passively in their seat viewing a performance or choose an item off a menu and then wait for it to appear in front of them. My proposal explores how the interior environments of these typologies can be re-thought to have greater impact on the visitors creative engagement.

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