Ning Cai

About me 

A passionate designer who holds great interest in art and design and everything else that makes better life. When designing, despite different site condition, a strong belief lies in that how people use and interact within the space should always be the key. Such belief has been and will be directing throughout the whole design journey; therefore cultivate the strength to visualize spatial potentials of different sites based on human experience.



People who live in city today have become more isolated than ever, therefore REVO as a experimental social hub is proposed to raise attention of culture and lifestyle, attempting to create bonds between people, and to recover the community that used to exist.


“First life, then spaces, then buildings - the other way around never works."        

- Jan Gehl

“Architecture has its own realm. it has a special physical relationship with an envelope and background for life which goes on in and around it, a sensitive container for the rhythm of footsteps on the floor, for the concentration of work, for the silence of sleep."         

- Peter Zumthor

REVO is a combined concept consists three phrases: re-connection, re-formation and re-vitalization, which also reveals the status change upon people’s arrival to departure of White Bay Power Station. The proposal is based on the research into the rich background of WBPS, especially the dense living condition in the area. The abandon of the site for the last 30 years has not just wasted the significant property but also taken away the communal vibe of local residents. 

Another research into architectural phenomenology has led me to design strategy by taking elements from existing envelope and transforming into a second skin to encompass different typologies.

​A new series of civic complex are encouraged to revitalize the WBPS. It is to be reused as a multi-purpose locus: 
- A place where proper architecture gesture would provide dynamic connection between each building of WBPS.
- A place foster greater and more active connection between community, national and international visitors.
- A place where highlights the relationship of people and place through exploration of different perceptions.
- A place of art and culture, where people are encouraged to communicate and create artworks.
- A place where people can enjoy a healthy and wellbeing lifestyle.

re-CONNECTION_Memorial Gallery
re-FORMATION_Workshop House
re-FORMATION_Collaboration House
re-VITALIZAITON_Contemplation House