Pei Jun Tan

Pei Jun Tan

About me 

Born in Australia and raised in Malaysia, I am interested in how important the interior environment plays on our everyday lives. I thrive to be able to gain as much experience and knowledge in design practice and theory, and apply that knowledge to the future interiors in Malaysia. Other than design I enjoy traveling to different countries, surrounding myself in local culture and art.



brEAThe is a scheme with an aim to revive, rejuvenate and renew what was a coal burning power station. Green living is a growing trend that is sustainable and can improve the quality of life for people. There is a growing concern for health and wellbeing for society, brEAThe aims to utilize these technological developments to encourage people to change their lifestyles to be more active and healthy.


The proposition of the new White bay Power Station proposes the creation of a civic centre that is a vision of the future and puts Sydney on the global map of a city that is on the cutting edge of sustainable and green healthy living. The centre’s main programs include a wellness precinct that aims are rejuvenating the human mind and body as well as a food district that caters for a wide range of people as well as Sydney’s booming tourism.