Rebecca Lombardo

Rebecca Lombardo

About me 

I’m a latecomer to the world of design, but no less passionate. My interest sparked whilst living in Dubai during its rapid expansion in design and construction. When I moved there, only one street of high rise buildings existed with the Arabian Desert as its backdrop. It fascinated me to watch this amazing city flourish. Once I arrived back in Sydney, I decided to change my life by following my interest and now passion by enrolling to study Interior Architecture. 

Fabric- An Urban Parkland


Fabric – An Urban Parkland is a proposal based on the discovery of an 1886 Petersham Land Map indicating planning intent to reclaim the WBPS site for a public reserve. This was a council solution for the area to solve rising density issues within Balmain and Rozelle. Fabric takes into consideration not only density issues but current living conditions and aspirations of its current and future residents, including not only the need for more open public spaces but the opportunity to incorporate active healthy living.

Fabric responds to that need by incorporating a range of programs including a rock climbing centre, swim centre, an open parkland that converts to a theatre, and a pathway that connects the site to the bays precinct. A diverse range of activities aimed at promoting an interactive and physical experience to the site by encouraging healthy and active living.



Fabric, referencing building construction was adapted to WBPS as a dialogue between the existing building and new insertion. The existing fabric of WBPS is primarily heritage listed and demands respect through its sheer scale, history and materiality. The design approach is to retain existing building fabric with the insertion to be subtle and complimentary to the existing site without overpowering it. WBPS being neglected for 50 years aged its materiality giving it character not to be ignored; the insertion is a new version of existing material giving to subtle contrast and where possible all demolished materials are re inserted back into site.