Samantha Lay

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Samantha Lay

About me 

I enjoy traveling and taking in different cultures, where I am able to admire the vast styles of architecture and design each country has to offer. I am particularly drawn by the way modern interiors are inserted and integrated into historical architecture. Other hobbies of mine consist of photography, wearing black and the occasional Macca's run during all-nighters.

House of the Creative Arts


The revitalisation of the abandoned White Bay Power Station in The Bay’s Precinct allows Sydney the chance to elevate their global reputation by proposing a hub that will advance the education, culture and community of this ever-growing city. The proposal, House of the Creative Arts (HOCA) offers White Bay Power Station the chance to stimulate Sydney’s innovation and cultural reputation through the arts. This creative precinct intends to erect a sense of cultural infrastructure in attempt to rebuild Sydney’s cultural vision, while integrating this historic site into modern life.


HOCA will rebuild Sydney's cultural vibrancy through new programs and events to stimulate creative thinking and engagement. The White Bay Power Station will house a variety of programs from private educational and art-making facilities to engaging social civic spaces. It is a platform for artists, creators, and all manners of creative people an opportunity and place to develop and push their creativity to the limits, and for the public to be completely engulfed in the creative arts. Collaborative studio areas, private and public workshops, art exhibition spaces, outdoor theatre, art markets, and innovative dining experiences are just some programs HOCA has to offer.

Art Exhibition Space
Artist Hall
Flexible Art Market
Shared Studio
Molecular Gastronomy Restaurant