Simone Daly-Sorokowski

Simone Daly-Sorokowski

About me 

Excited by all aspects of design, specifically interior detailing, imagined spaces in novels, and pop up architecture and art.

The Living Lab


White Bay Power Station is a culturally significant landmark that is not only important to surrounding communities, but greater Sydney. Still standing from years of use, and years of neglect, my proposal serves to re-activate the site and give a new purpose relevant to 21st century Sydney. Through an in-depth understanding of site, history, community, and culture, my proposal offers the space back to the people through a creative thinking centre, in a modern learning environment.


The Living Lab focuses on the creative mind and offers an opportunity for the community and greater Sydney to congregate and work or study among a diverse group of people. This centre is a dynamic, people focused learning space, that allows for open and interdisciplinary discussions. My design negotiates with the existing language of space and reconnects disjointed aspects of site and proposes a new, engaging, flexible and inspiring place for people to work and learn. The accommodating facilities resemble that of traditional learning environments, like libraries and studio spaces, however The Living Lab endeavours to promote a new way of thinking, idea making and engaging through architecture and form.