Simone Rego

Simone Rego

About me 

A 23 year old girl who has always been drawn to the world of design. I find myself intrigued by the world around me which continue to shape my designs, develop my skills and design aesthetic.



The White Bay Power Station found in Rozelle has stood as a landmark throughout the development of Sydney, from the coal-power industry, World Wars, to the 21st Century. However there is a lack of relation between site and community as the site has been closed to the public since its decommission in 1983. My proposal 're:collect' has been formed through research of site, history and community, and conceptualized through the redevelopment of the site which encourages the community to play a vital role in its revitalization. 


're:collect' is the name given to the White Bay Power Station's (WBPS) Museum and Creative Precinct, primarily focusing on an artist in residence program that promotes education and cultural identity within the local community. The redevelopment of the Bays Precinct generates ideas of a appreciation to the original site, while its additions focus on complimenting the existing architecture in a respectful manner, this seen through the enhancement of existing elements, subtle insertions and complimentary material palettes that speak of the site.

What triggered my response to the site were they way in which: there is little information available of the sites complete history, the way the site has stood for almost 100 years and is timelapsed landmark to Sydney's development, and the way in which 'life' in the form of rust and moss had begun to reclaim the dormant site. 

The title 're:collect' represents the obtainment of significant site items, and the reflection of the past (recollect), focusing on integrating the two functions into the site of the White Bay Power Station. For years the site was closed to the community, leaving little appreciation to the history and stories that occurred within its walls and in the context of the city, and the importance of these stories in our cultural and national identity. My proposal focuses on bringing light to these lost connections, centralized through human occupancy, scale, and the way an existing interior environment can be manipulated to can shape perception of spaces, creating a new parallel between site and community. 're:collect' encourages the community to activate the site, through exposure to a history museum that spans the WBPS time period, learning facilities, galleries, communal studios and dining spaces.