Su-Jin Poh

Principal Circulation
About me 

As a designer I strive to create and design the same way that I see life: with a flair of fun and soul! My approach to design is fuelled by my curiosity to seek out new experiences in discovery and travel. I am excited by subtle design gestures of varying cultures that unearths emotions never experienced before and how these gestures can be recontextualised to become memorable spaces.

Urban Wellness Sanctuary


With an ever growing global population, where do Sydneysiders gather? The revitalisation of the White Power Station sees the site transform into a dynamic urban hub focusing on all aspects of wellbeing. The Urban Wellness Sanctuary is the response to social issues relating to the growing global population. This health precinct focuses on local and international community participation both physically and mentally to foster healthier lifestyles and hence increases the overall quality of life. A well-considered approach has been taken to ensure the conversion of this historical site into contemporary context reinforces Sydney’s identity as a model healthy city.


THE PROGRAMS The Wellness Sanctuary consist of programs to stimulate different areas of physical and mental wellbeing. A dynamic sporting complex with the capacity to hold recreational dance and gym facilities as well as competitive water and rock climbing sporting events. Short term accommodation is catered to travelling sporting groups and weekend getaways with an organic café restaurant- bar to match. A community learning hub and market hall will facilitate opportunities to develop artistic and culinary skills through available workshops and collaborative consumption conveniences and trading of creations. THE CREATIVE DIRECTION White Bay Power Station is envisioned to be a sanctuary of holistic living with easier access to healthier and sustainable choices. The site transforms into a green sanctuary that reflects Sydney’s unique harbour foreshore landscape and vegetation in its compression and release spaces. The concept of water and vegetation is critical in this scheme, influencing materiality and light to give subtle nuance to the spaces.
indoor competition 50m on ground lap pool