Tameem Naqshbandi

Tameem Naqshbandi

About me 

I’m fascinated by using architecture as a tool for leaving my finger print in this world and making a positive difference in people’s lives. 

White Bay Uniting Precinct


White Bay Uniting Precinct is a redevelopment proposal for the white bay power station. Research suggests diversity spurs economic development and homogeneity slows it down. Geographical openness and cultural diversity and tolerance are not by-products but key drivers of economic progress. WBUP serves as a gathering place which helps promote and celebrate Sydney’s cultural diversity in order to promote tolerance, understanding, harmonious relations and mutual esteem among the different cultural groups and ethnic communities in Australia. 


The proposal include 3 main areas, a food precinct, religious centre and an art gallery. All 3 typologies are a vital part of a community’s strength. The design approach is governed by symmetrical geometries that have been asserted into the present fabric of each space. As a result, the characteristic of each space has been respectfully conserved to bond with the new work. This methodology helped give order, harmony, balance and an emotionally humbling experience to the scheme.