Tiana Giacomazzi

DINEOpen Studio & Sushi Bar
About me 

Recently returning from a semester abroad in Milan, Italy, I have discovered how deeply I am inspired by foreign cultures, and design on an international level. Not only learning in an unfamiliar environment, but to be immersed in a culture that is driven by design was one of the most rewarding experiences in my life to date. I'm now ready to embark on a challenging, dynamic and fulfilling journey that will become my career. I seek to stimulate my desire to design and will strive in reaching my aspiration to flourish into a successful and well respected designer.



This project proposes a cultural hub that celebrates the basic human necessity to eat. Food and beverage is a common interest for everyone both in Australia and worldwide. DINE is a project designed to celebrate the huge culture for dining that we have in Australia, and draw attention to many wonderful home-made products we have to offer.


The design explores a juxtaposition of organic forms to very straight, rigid structures. The organic forms represent the natural growth of vegetation, where the harsh straight forms interrupting the flow of the organic represent human intervention in food production. We add excessive amounts of chemicals in order to preserve our food that it can become unhealthy to eat, particularly in the long term. This project aims to highlight this issue as well as promote clean eating. The organic forms are typically clad in organic materials such as marble and timber, whereas the rigid forms are constructed from engineered materials such as Corian, glass and steel. In scattered areas throughout the site, there are proposed organic herb and vegetable gardens which are used by the chefs in the production of the food, as well as forming an environment full of fragrant greenery which patrons can immerse themselves within.

Approach to DINE, White Bay
Entry to DINE Restaurant
Reception for Restaurant
Transition Space
Rooftop Cocktail Bar
Rooftop Bar Section Perspective
Rooftop Lounge
Rooftop Lounge Interior
Open Studio Interior
Studio Collaboration Space
Restaurant Plan
Rooftop Lounge Section
Studio Section
Studio Plan
Custom-designed Furniture
Restaurant Seating and Table Details
Transition Handrail and Stair Lighting Details
Rooftop Bar and Lighting Details
Rooftop Lounge Seat and Decorative Lighting Details
Open Studio Lighting and Stair Details
Open Studio Model
Transition Space Model
Rooftop Lounge Model
Initial Concept Layout