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Tristan Xu

About me 

Throughout my 4 years of study, I have grown a strong interest in creating spaces that evoke certain experiences, for example emotional, sensory or memory as this was the main reason as to why I decided to study this degree. As I continued to study through my degree, I have also developed a keen interest for detail design, which is something that has interested me since Year 2. Coupled with this, I have developed a love for report writing and research behind a project, which I hope to translate to project management, which is something that I would love to do.

CREO - Creative Arts Precinct


Through Semester 1, the research I have done was crucial in implementing a Creative Arts Precinct at the White Bay Power Station. The research that was conducted showed a low level of appreciation for the Creative Arts and the industry was lacking in terms of publicity and exposure for local and national art makers. It was important to note the heritage and history of the building and to incorporate this rich history in the design of my Creative Arts Precinct. The brief also called for the new proposal to be a cultural civic centre, which would bring the community together and foster good relations in that area. Another aspect that was noted was the importance of entertainment and the effect it has in terms of bringing people together and the area in which the Power Station is located is lacking in terms of large Entertainment venues and facilities. Noting the location of the Power Station, it was also the perfect place to place a Creative Arts Precinct, with an Entertainment side to the area.


By taking the strong links between the Arts scene and Entertainment, the proposal was to create a Creative Arts Precinct, in which during the day the Precinct would be used for a place to create various forms of art and at night it transforms into an Entertainment venue, in which the work that is produced during the day is displayed at night, with live music, movies, artwork etc. on display to allow for the exposure and recognition for the artists that created the work, hoping to propel them to national and international recognition. It was also decided that the Precinct offers a experiential quality to the visitors, by taking them through a sensory journey, which is exposed to them throughout the space. As Art is such a sensory experience, I wanted the visitors of the space to be able to experience this as they traverse through the space and when the arrive at their destination, hopefully they inspired to create.

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