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The White Bay Centre for Traditional and New Media Arts


Although White Bay Power Station was once a place that produced electrical energy, I wish for the power station to be a place for the production of creative energy. This place takes the form of the White Bay Centre for Traditional and New Media Arts, also known as ‘Hello’. This proposition has been derived from the thorough research conducted this semester. From the first research phase, Site Context, I discovered the hard facts about the site, in particular about it’s role in the production of electrical energy. Research during the second phase, Key Findings, revealed that loneliness is predicted to be a major issue in the 21st century. However, it can be avoided or cured through social support, expression and interaction. The third research phase of Building Analysis encouraged me to explore the details of the spaces, allowing me to gain vital knowledge into significance, character and physical aspects of each building. Finally, Further Research allowed me to explore ideas about social media, social networking and creativity in more detail. This information strengthened my own understanding of my proposition while also helping to inform the types of programs and spaces and their location in the site.


The idea of ‘Hello’ was a result of the accumulation of all of this research. The space should be a place that facilitates social interaction and a sense of belonging to all members of the community, regardless of age, gender or culture. Both traditional and new media art classes appeal to the local community, while the discovery centre is to be enjoyed by international guests. There is also a creator space that can be embraced by both national and international new media content creators, helping to establish the centre as an internationally regarded and respected place. Importantly, the centre exists for people to collaborate, learn, play and form friendships through interactive art lessons, exhibitions and displays. It is to challenge how people communicate with each other through encouraging creativity and providing opportunities for play. Foremost, Hello should be a place of fun and adventure, that appeals to a 21st century audience through allowing visitors to escape from reality, meet new friends and embrace their creativity.