Victoria Tan

Victoria Tan



Who ever said play was restricted to children? No matter the age, play allows us to connect and improve our well-being both socially and mentally. Moreover, play improves children's memory and thinking skills, and also helps to prevent early mental health deterioration in older people. However, research into the lifestyle of Sydney-siders has shown that there are a lack of public play areas and resources that are safe and appropriate for all ages and cultures, leading to a loss of community which could only develop through collaborative engagement. Adding to that is the lack of a sense of community security in many suburbs of Sydney, particularly after dark. This has lead to a decline in the night-time economy of Sydney city, an element which prevents Sydney from reaching its potential to become a vibrant city. The White Bay Power Station site in particular has also taken the place of what was once natural waterfront environment, something which the locals and residents have shown a desire to re-introduce, particularly with the function of being a community-run space, allowing for a healthier lifestyle which encourages outdoor physical activity, as well as more opportunities to engage with each other. With this in mind, the proposal of a development providing an area of security through all hours, engaging the people of Sydney through two main forms - education and play - has been devised.


With the aim of making Sydney a more vibrant, connected, and healthy city, 'VIBRANCITY' seeks to transform the White Bay Power Station into a 24-hour accessible Urban Playground and Knowledge Centre. This mixed-typology development seeks to respond to the local community, Sydney city, and the existing site in a manner that will encourage a healthier lifestyle and a greater focus on work-life balance, as well as to facilitate Sydney's growing night-time economy. With the notion of bringing the outside in, the development will involve the creation of playscapes with varying functions catering to all ages and all mental capacities. The knowledge centre will facilitate a 24-hour library as well as community accessible spaces such as creative studios, study halls and the likes.