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love creating and designing, passionate, growth oriented. I am free and enjoy life. Design makes my life different and interesting. 'Simple is more' !

WBPS Culture Hub


WBPS Center Hub is proposed to increase cultural vibrancy and historical value to Sydney. The proposal consist of 5 typologies – historical museum of New South Wales, Art gallery of Indigenous culture, Dance theater, Digital library and Hospitality facilities, such as restaurant and bar.

The Site is abandoned for a long time and is gradually losing the attention of people, to highlight and renew its value, my proposal is to use new architecture language to redefine this industrial site. Instead of demolishing the whole site, a way of adding new architecture form to the old site is adopted through design. The new form and function of WBPS will provide a vital public space for people to have cultural and social life. The remained structure and form of old site reminds people to respect the historical value of WBPS when having culture activities.


There are several findings get through the research to decide the proposal to White Bay Power Station. Firstly, there is a contradiction between the historical value to White Bay Power Station and lack of people’s awareness towards site. Secondly, based on the population and participation rate to cultural facilities, the demand of Sydney’s cultural facilities trend to increase. Thirdly, tourism growth increases both of domestic and international tours. Fourthly, city has lost some significant cultural facilities. Lastly, the number and quality of venues presenting indigenous art has creased.

To respect the hisptorical value of WBPS, new proposal of WBPS culture hub is to increase cultural vibrancy and historical value to Sydney. The new form and material added to the old site creates s contrast but harmony relationship between old and new, past and modern. 

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